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Griffin Capital Corporation ("Griffin Capital"), is a privately-held, Los Angeles headquartered investment and management company with a 20-year track record sponsoring real estate investment vehicles and managing institutional capital. Led by senior executives, each with more than two decades of real estate experience who have collectively closed transactions representing over $20 billion in value, Griffin Capital and its affiliates have acquired or constructed approximately 39 million square feet of space since 1995. Griffin Capital and its affiliates manage, sponsor and/or co-sponsor a portfolio consisting of approximately 24.2 million square feet of space, located in 28 states, representing approximately $4.0 billion in asset value.

Griffin Capital is the sponsor or co-sponsor of a number of investment vehicles primarily designed for individual investors, and sold through independent broker-dealers and their financial advisors, including:

Griffin Capital Essential Asset REIT II, Inc. ("Essential Asset REIT II"), is a publicly-registered, non-traded real estate investment trust focused on providing investors monthly income(1) through the ownership of a diversified portfolio of 'business essential' office and industrial properties net leased on a long term basis to creditworthy corporate tenants. Essential Asset REIT II seeks to raise up to $2.0 billion of equity in its current offering.

Griffin Institutional Access Real Estate Fund, is a publicly-registered closed-end interval fund which offers individual investors access to an actively-managed portfolio of private real estate funds and public real estate securities selected by some of the largest and most respected institutional investment managers. The Fund provides daily pricing and a degree of quarterly liquidity at net asset value (NAV) which enhances transparency and provides investors with increased flexibility. 

Griffin-Benefit Street Partners BDC ("GB-BDC”), is a non-traded business development company sponsored and co-sponsored respectively by Griffin Capital and Benefit Street Partners L.L.C. ("Benefit Street"), the credit investment arm of Providence Equity Partners L.L.C., a leading global, private equity firm with over $40 billion in assets under advisement. We believe GB-BDC is distinguished from other non-traded BDCs due to the company’s intent to leverage the expertise and experience of Providence Equity and Benefit Street in the media and communications industries, which accounted for nearly one third of recent M&A activity—a key source of middle market lending opportunities, as well as Benefit Street’s strong investment track record and proprietary sourcing network, and their emphasis on direct originated, non-sponsored, secured debt.

Griffin-American Healthcare REIT III, Inc., is a publicly-registered, non-traded real estate investment trust. Griffin-American Healthcare REIT III is seeking to build a diverse portfolio of healthcare-related assets.

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Investors should carefully consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of Griffin Capital Essential Asset REIT II, Inc., Griffin Institutional Access Real Estate Fund and Griffin-Benefit Street Partners BDC Corp. This and other important information about these investments is contained in each investment's prospectus, which can be obtained by contacting Griffin Capital Securities at 949-270-9300 or by clicking on the product specific sections of this website. The applicable prospectus below should be read carefully before investing.

Griffin Capital Securities, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC, is the dealer manager for the Griffin Capital Essential Asset REIT II, Inc. and Griffin-Benefit Street Partners BDC Corp. offerings.

Griffin Capital Securities, Inc. is the exclusive wholesale marketing agent for the Griffin Institutional Access Real Estate Fund. ALPS Distributors, Inc. is the distributor of the Griffin Institutional Access Real Estate Fund. Griffin Capital Advisor, LLC and ALPS Distributors, Inc., 1290 Broadway, Suite 1100 Denver, CO 80203, are not affiliated with each other.