Grit: The Story of Nisarg

"Nothing is impossible. Don't ever give up."

My Dad

I have been blessed to have amazing mentors and coaches in my life, and I have learned a lot from them all, but the one lesson that is at the core of who I am comes from my father.

To understand his learnings, we need to understand a bit about him. He started his life with just a bag of clothes and few vessels. He had to sacrifice a lot just to survive, but that didn't stop him from dreaming big. With his fearless attitude, determination and courage to fight for his dreams, he became the president of the largest company in Southeast Asia-a feat that, if you'd asked 30 years ago, was just an impossible dream. He was able to provide financial stability and a rock-steady platform for us kids to pursue our dreams and we are thankful for the opportunity.

His magical words were: "Nothing is impossible. Don't ever give up." To be entirely honest, I used to hate those words and here is the reason why.

Every time I came home after losing a tournament/game or doing poorly on my exams, I would have to go through the post-mortem session to identify why I failed and apparently, no reason was good enough, as he was always ready with his counter attack: "Nothing is impossible."

As I grew up, I decided to pursue my American dream. The day I was about to leave for the States, my father gave me some words of wisdom and I remember it so vividly.

Dad: "Son, I know you are eager and excited to start this new journey of your life, especially because you will not have us interfering in your life anymore (we both smiled and agreed), but remember this: if you want the world to know your name, don't just fight any battle. Heroes were not made by fighting mediocre battles. They fought battles which were impossible, and odds were against them, but they still stood their ground, fought fearlessly, gave it all and became forever eternal." 

Me: *Completely perturbed, with no clue as to why is he talking about heroes. This all just some tangent to me.* 

Dad: "Like these heroes you will have to choose your battles in your life. Anyone can solve easy problems. If you want your name to be remembered, solve the one which no one wanted to solve." 

Me: I nod my head and say, "Ok, Dad." 

Dad: "Heads up, when you take on these challenges in life, you will fail and sometimes, you will fail miserably. People will laugh in your face or behind your back or even step on you. Reality is that the world is a mean and nasty place and there is cutthroat competition. Remember one thing: those people and their opinions will never matter 'cause if you keep fighting, sooner or later you will succeed and the same people who made those comments will have to eat their own words."

Finally, he ends by uttering those magical words again: "Nothing is impossible. Don't ever give up." I roll my eyes and touch his feet (a sign of respect in Hindu culture) and start my journey.

Fast forward, as I look back at my journey, there have been many ups and downs in my life, be it work, family, personal life or friends. I survived through all of those by facing them head on. I never realized what my dad was trying to teach me, but I think he was trying to teach me how to have GRIT. Be fearless, courageous and don't ever give up.

I never thought I would ever say this, but it took me 30 years to appreciate those magical words and the very words I used to roll my eyes have become my own pursuit. "Nothing is impossible. Don't ever give up."  For those people who are out there struggling, keep it going and don't ever give up. Who knows, tomorrow you could be a hero.

"Nothing is impossible. Don't ever give up."

My Dad
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