Investment Overview

A REIT, or real estate investment trust, is a company that generally:

  • Pools the capital of many investors to acquire or provide financing for real estate assets.
  • Allows individual investors to invest in a diversified real estate portfolio managed by a professional management team.
  • Is required to pay distributions to investors of at least 90 percent of its taxable income (excluding net capital gains) each year.
  • Is not generally subject to federal corporate income taxes that it distributes to stockholders.

Griffin-American Healthcare REIT III

Griffin-American Healthcare REIT III seeks to provide real estate investors with preservation of principal, income opportunities and the potential for capital appreciation.

The REIT is managed for long-term investment success by a team of real estate professionals with particular expertise in the healthcare real estate sector.

Primary investment objectives include:*

  • Preservation, protection and return of capital
  • Pay regular cash flow distributions**
  • Realize growth in value of investment upon ultimate sales of assets

* There is no guarantee Griffin-American Healthcare REIT III will meet its investment objectives.
** Until we generate operating cash flows sufficient to pay distributions to you, we may pay distributions from net proceeds of the offering or term borrowings in anticipation of future cash flows.