Overview & Strategy

Griffin Capital Essential Asset REIT

Griffin Capital Essential Asset REIT, Inc. is an SEC registered non-traded real estate investment trust focused on providing individual investors dependable monthly income through the ownership of a diversified portfolio of 'business essential' office and industrial properties net leased on a long term basis to creditworthy corporate tenants. Manifesting keen alignment of shareholder interest, the principals and certain affiliates of Griffin Capital invested over $26 million of capital into the REIT.

Blue Chip Tenants. Investment Grade Income(1)

Griffin Capital Essential Asset REIT is focused on acquiring office, industrial and manufacturing assets that are 100% triple- or absolute- net leased to single, creditworthy tenants where we believe the property is essential to the ongoing business operations of the tenant. 

The assets are predominantly leased to blue chip, investment grade companies(1). These companies include some of the most iconic, established and prestigious national and global industry leaders, many of whom are S&P 100 and Dow 30 components, including: 

  Blue Chip Tenants | Investment Grade Income

Business Essential Assets

Business essential assets are those that the tenant must continue to operate and occupy to maintain business continuity-regardless of prevailing economic conditions. Representative examples of business essential properties:

  • World, national or regional headquarters buildings
  • Primary distribution centers
  • Principal manufacturing facilities

"We buy the headquarters, not the branch office; the main distribution warehouse, not the retail store."

- Michael Escalante, Chief Investment Officer

We believe real estate with business essential attributes provides for longer term leases, increases the probability of lease renewal and enables rental rate growth and thereby enhances valuation and portfolio appreciation potential at exit.

(1) Blue chip companies are well-known and respected publicly traded companies that typically make up the Dow Jones group of companies. Blue chip and investment grade descriptions are those of either tenants and/or guarantors with investment grade credit ratings or whose non-guarantor parent companies have investment grade credit ratings.