Fox Head, Inc. | Global Headquarters

Property Description

The Property is leased to Fox Head, Inc., the industry leader in the motocross gear and apparel sector, under a long-term non-cancellable lease with a remaining term in excess of 14 years. The Property is a newly-renovated, 81,600 square foot, single-story, creative office building designed by the industry-acclaimed Clive Wilkinson Architects, the firm responsible for such projects as the Google Headquarters and Disney Store Headquarters. The Property is a one-of-a-kind architecturally distinctive building that embodies the tenant’s alternative culture.

Business Essential Attributes

The Property was developed as a build-to-suit creative office headquarters facility with many unique interior and exterior design features and amenities specialized for the Tenant. Because the Property serves as the corporate headquarters, all critical company departments are located on site. In addition, at the rear of the property is a test track where in-house designers and developers can test products in real time. Finally, retail concepts can be tested with consumers and displayed to distributors in their retail shop. This unique and synergistic combination of functions underscores the Property’s business essential status for the tenant.

Additional Property Information

Although the exterior of the building contains several design elements customized for the Tenant, the interior of the Property is largely open “creative office space”, the type that is in high demand by growing companies in this part of California. The Property is located in the heart of the Irvine Business Complex, less than five miles from John Wayne Airport and the Irvine central business district, a key business nexus in Orange County. Irvine is home to many other companies focused on the action-sports industry, and the labor pool of young and creative talent makes this an ideal place for the Tenant to attract and retain employees.

The Property is also in close proximity to the Orange County Great Park, which broke ground in 2007 and, when completed, will feature 300 acres of public space including a central park and numerous recreational and cultural amenities. The area will also feature single family home communities, multifamily projects, and retail developments.

Fox Head, Inc. | Global Headquarters

Irvine, California


Property Type: Office
Square Footage: 81,600

Lease Expiration: December 31, 2027
Renewal Option(s): Two 5-Year Options at 95% of Fair Market Value
Rent Increase(s): 5.06% Bi-Annual Increases (2.5% average annual increases)
Tenant: Fox Head, Inc.

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Fox Head, Inc. Global Headquarters