Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation | Headquarters & Production/Distribution Facility

Property Description

Emporia Partners property is the headquarters facility for Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation which consists of 320,764 square feet of production and warehouse space located on a 16.6 acre site in Emporia, Kansas. The property, ideally situated at the geographic center of the United States, is within close proximity to several regional highways that connect to the national transportation infrastructure. This location affords Hopkins Manufacturing efficient and convenient logistics options to ship their products throughout the continental United States.  

Business Essential Attributes

The property serves as the headquarters and national production/distribution facility for Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation. During Hopkins' 48 year occupancy, the property has undergone 13 separate expansions to accommodate growth. In 2000, Hopkins Manufacturing further committed to the property through a 164,000 square foot expansion that allowed the company to consolidate several warehouse and distribution functions at this location. 

Additional Property Information

Hopkins, headquartered in Emporia since 1953, is the #1 seller of towing-electrical, winter snow and ice tools, and vehicle cleaning products in North America. The company's products are sold in more than 75,000 distributors and retailers across the globe. With a focus on low cost manufacturing of customer-centric products, the company has a supply chain office in Ningbo, China, world-class manufacturing facilities in Juarez, Mexico, and production and distribution sites in Los Angeles, California and Emporia.

The facility is responsible for the manufacturing of nearly one-quarter of the company's products with the balance of the products primarily manufactured at the company's Juarez, Mexico facility, which ships directly to this facility for distribution across the country.

A significant on-going replacement and tenant improvement and commission reserve was funded by the tenant in 2003. The reserve funds are made available as reimbursement to the landlord for performance of capital expense repairs and replacements to the property.

Products and Brands Manufactured and Distributed by Hopkins Manufacturing:
Juice PerformanceTM, Hopkins Towing Solutions, Subzero®, Flo Tool®, CarrandTM, nVISIONTM, Go GearTM, Brakebuddy®, VortexTM

Products and brands listed are manufactured and distributed by Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation and are in no way related to Griffin Capital Securities or Griffin Capital Essential Asset REIT, Inc.

Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation | Headquarters & Production/Distribution Facility

Emporia, Kansas


Property Type: Office/Industrial/Distribution
Square Footage: 320,764

Lease Expiration: December 30, 2020
Renewal Option(s): One 10-Year Option
Rent Increase(s):
February 2013 - 7.7%
February 2016 - 7.6%
February 2019 - 7.6%
Tenant: Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation*
Website: www.hopkinsmfg.com

*Hopkins Enterprises, Inc., the tenant on the Emporia Partners property, subleases the property to Hopkins Manufacturing Corporation.