TALX/Equifax | Operations Facility

Property Description

Situated on an 11-acre site within the Earth City Business Park in Earth City, Missouri, the Property consists of a Class B, two-story office building that totals 99,308 rentable square feet of space. The Property is leased in its entirety to TALX/Equifax, one of five operating segments of Equifax, Inc. Equifax, Inc., the Parent Company and Lease Guarantor, maintains an investment grade credit rating of BBB+ from Standard & Poor’s and a Moody's rating of Baa1. With annual revenue in excess of $2.3 billion, Equifax, Inc. is one of the country’s top credit bureaus, providing consumer credit scores, credit histories, and risk analysis to lenders.

Business Essential Attributes

In December 2013, the Tenant consolidated two facilities in the St. Louis area into the Property, making the Property the largest operations facility within the Tenant's portfolio. Functions at the Property include unemployment claims processing, general call center support, and mail delivery within the Tenant’s business system. The corporate headquarters for the TALX/Equifax operating segment is located in nearby Maryland Heights, which provides additional synergies and further demonstrates the Tenant's commitment to the area.

Additional Property Information

The Property was originally built in 1997 and underwent extensive renovations in 2013 including a roof replacement, new lighting and electrical systems, new emergency management system, and new fire panel. Amenities include a fitness center, cafeteria, coffee bar, and exterior patio. Located approximately 20 miles northwest of the St. Louis CBD along Interstate 70, the Property is centrally located (within a 20 minute drive of 800,000 people, over 30% of the metro area’s population) and enjoys outstanding interstate access, making it a prime location option for regional, manufacturing, or distribution offices.

TALX/Equifax | Operations Facility

Earth City, Missouri


Property Type: Class B Office
Square Footage: 99,308

Leased: 100%
Lease Expiration: December 1, 2024
Renewal Option(s):
Two, 5-year renewal option at Fair Market Rate
Rent Increase(s):
1.86% average annual rent escalations
Tenant: TALX/Equifax
Parent: Equifax, Inc. (S&P: BBB+)
Website*: www.equifax.com
* Stock ticker symbol and website are for Equifax, Inc., the parent company and guarantor of the lease.