TransDigm Group (formerly GE Aviation Systems) | Component Manufacturing Facility

Property Description

Completed in 1986, the facility is a 114,265 square foot, Class A assembly and manufacturing facility located in Whippany, New Jersey. The facility is 100 percent occupied by TransDigm Group, Inc., an aircraft parts manufacturer.

Business Essential Attributes

Within the facility, TransDigm Group designs, assembles and repairs mission critical airplane components, specifically wing and tail flap actuators, for every major aircraft manufacturer (Sikorsky, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, Boeing), as well as missile weapons systems and other precision components for the Department of Defense. TransDigm Group and its predecessor companies have  fully occupied the facility since 2007. In March 2011 the tenant elected to renew the Lease through March 2018.

Additional Property Information

The facility’s location is ideally suited for the Company’s operation with access to the highly skilled labor necessary to fabricate precision components, as well as a well developed transportation infrastructure. In addition, the facility is highly regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration such that re-creating the operation at another facility would require FAA compliance which would be highly disruptive, time consuming and expensive. TransDigm Group’s predecessor company has invested a substantial amount of its own capital into the facility’s infrastructure and systems and with the most recent renewal, a “green” energy plan has been implemented at the facility. 

TransDigm Group (formerly GE Aviation Systems) | Component Manufacturing Facility

Whippany, New Jersey


Property Type: Assembly, Manufacturing and Office
Square Footage: 114,265

Lease Expiration: March 31, 2018
Renewal Option(s):
One 5-Year Option
Rent Increase(s): 2.50% annually
Tenant: TransDigm Group, Inc.; 

Lease guaranteed by General Electric Company  


*Stock ticker symbol is for General Electric Company, the guarantor of the lease.