Westinghouse Electric Company | Headquarters Campus Location

Property Description

This three-story, brick clad Class A office building was constructed in 2010 as a build-to-suit for Westinghouse Electric Company and is one of four buildings comprising the company's international headquarters campus. Situated on a 24.7 acre site, the property contains approximately 117,968 square feet of net rentable area.

Business Essential Attributes

The property houses the engineering group responsible for two product lines - Nuclear Fuel and Nuclear Services. These engineers frequently interact with headquarters employees in the three adjacent headquarters buildings, eat meals in the headquarters' multi-story cafeteria, and exercise in the numerous fitness facilities located throughout the campus. Underground conduits connect certain utilities at the property to the headquarters. Approximately 4,000 employees currently work on the Westinghouse campus.

Additional Property Information

Prior to 2008, Westinghouse undertook a multi-year search to identify the optimal location for the headquarters of their nuclear energy business, taking into consideration factors such as area demographics, transportation infrastructure, land and building cost, and labor availability as well as state and local economic incentives. Cranberry Township was selected as the ideal location, and a master plan was developed to include four buildings. Three buildings were built adjacent to one another, and several years later, in 2010, the property was built. Westinghouse engineers believe that the property is the most energy efficient of the four buildings.

Westinghouse Electric Company | Headquarters Campus Location

Cranberry, Pennsylvania


Property Type: Office
Square Footage: 117,968

Lease Expiration: December 31, 2025
Renewal Option(s): Two 5-year options and one 4-year, 11 month option
Rent Increase(s): 4% every five years
Tenant: Westinghouse Electric Company; Lease guaranteed by Westinghouse Electric UK Holdings Limited and TSB Nuclear Energy USA Group, Inc., wholly-owned subsidiaries of Toshiba Corporation (NASDAQ : TOSBF).
Website: www.westinghousenuclear.com