Zeller Plastik USA | North American Headquarters and Production Facility

Property Description

This manufacturing and warehouse facility was originally constructed in 1992 as a build-to-suit for Zeller Plastik, and was subsequently expanded in 2003 to accommodate the company's increasing product line. The property is located in the heart of America, just outside of downtown Chicago and is situated on a 10.0 acre site. The property contains approximately 193,653 square feet of rentable space.

Business Essential Attributes

The property serves as the North American corporate headquarters and main production facility for Zeller Plastik, one of the world's leading producers of plastic closures and packaging components including pop-tops, screw tops, and flip tops found on food, beauty and beverage products. The property contains heavy infrastructure such as injection mold presses, assembly equipment and high-capacity cranes necessary for the company to conduct its manufacturing functions. These functions run virtually non-stop, closing down only for scheduled maintenance. 

Additional Property Information

The company, whose customers include a broad array of leading consumer products companies, continues to invest in the property's infrastructure, key technology and machinery. Zeller Plastik is in the process of investing in three additional injection presses, increasing facility power through additional utility lines, installing a weight-bridge to measure resin deliveries, and a reconfiguration of the current warehouse to include a high-volume racking system and narrow aisle program to increase capacity.

Zeller Plastik Client Base
Coca-Cola, Pepsico, SC Johnson Family Company, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Hellmann's, L'OREAL, Heinz, Clorox®, P&G, Hidden Valley Ranch®, ReaLemon.

Brands listed are clients of Zeller Plastik and are in no way related to Griffin Capital Securities or Griffin Capital Essential Asset REIT, Inc.

Zeller Plastik USA | North American Headquarters and Production Facility

Libertyville (Chicago), Illinois


Property Type: Industrial
Square Footage: 193,653

Lease Expiration: December 31, 2022
Renewal Option(s): Two 5-Year Renewal Options
Rent Increase(s): 1.75% Every January 1st
Tenant: Zeller Plastik USA
Website: www.zelleramericas.com