November 13, 2017

Griffin Capital Continues to Scale Its Distribution Team

El Segundo, Calif. (November 13, 2017) – Griffin Capital Company, LLC (“Griffin Capital”) announced today its dealer-manager, Griffin Capital Securities, LLC (“GCS”), took another significant step in the expansion of its distribution with the addition of three highly-respected executives, Jed Brody, Senior Vice President, Head of Internal Sales, Neel Patel, Vice President, Senior National Accounts Manager responsible for the continued buildout of GCS’s wirehouse and bank channels and Scott Street, Director of Due Diligence for the full suite of alternative investment products managed, sponsored and cosponsored by Griffin Capital.

These additions come on the heels of Griffin Capital’s September press release announcing the restructuring of its distribution team toward a channelized distribution model in which it segregated its sales team with one group covering the independent broker-dealer market and the other the wirehouse and registered investment advisor (“RIA”) channels. As part of that channelization, last month GCS hired four new seasoned external wholesalers with proven success in their respective territories thereby providing opportunity to eliminate redundancies in certain territories and upgrade talent in others.

“As we continue to penetrate the wirehouse and RIA channels and continue to serve our long term independent broker-dealer partners, the distribution process has become more complex, demanding and sophisticated” commented Kevin Shields, Chairman and CEO of Griffin Capital. “It is clear to us the sales process and our approach must be more consultative. Over the past year, we made significant strides to enhance the service we deliver to our valued financial advisors and their clients – from senior sales management all the way through the internal desk,” Shields continued. “Our execution was imperative and directionally we are well positioned to better serve our clients going forward,” concluded Shields.

“Griffin Capital’s commitment to providing best-in-class services is paramount,” said Mark Goldberg, CEO, Griffin Capital Securities, LLC. “We are thrilled to have attracted the talent of Jed, Neel and Scott, in addition to the four external wholesalers we hired last month, and their enlistment highlights our continued dedication to having the best people in place offering unparalleled support to our expanded footprint within the financial intermediary community. Griffin Capital continues to evolve and augment our capabilities as we bring in top talent, all of which is integral to our goal of remaining at the forefront of this industry.”

Jed Brody comes with a wealth of experience, having spent the past six years developing an industryleading internal sales team with National Life Group, where he served as Associate Vice President, Salesforce and CRM Distribution Lead. At GCS, Jed both leads the team of internal sales professionals and directs the rollout of our additional innovative technology solutions. Jed reports to Cory Calvert, National Sales Director.

Neel Patel is charged with expanding GCS’ current distribution success within the wirehouse channel and serves as a senior national account manager dedicated to wirehouse, bank and regional firms. Prior to GCS, Neel served as Director of Alternative Investments at Ameriprise Financial. He brings extensive knowledge to his role from his experience leading training and education for sales teams and advisors serving private wealth and institutional clients. Neel reports to Vere Reynolds-Hale, who heads the Selling Group Management business unit.

Scott Street, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), leads a team of due diligence professionals and manages the process of providing in-depth, timely information about Griffin Capital’s product platform to the broker-dealer and analyst community. He is also an important contributor to the strategy and development of new and innovative product solutions to the marketplace. In his new role, Scott reports to Howard Hirsch, General Counsel – Securities. Scott previously held the position of Director of Product and Due Diligence at KBS Capital Markets Group.

About Griffin Capital Company, LLC

Griffin Capital Company, LLC (“Griffin Capital”) is a leading alternative investment asset manager with approximately $9.6 billion in assets under management as of September 30, 2017. Founded in 1995, the privately held firm is led by a seasoned team of senior executives with more than two decades of investment and real estate experience and who collectively have executed more than 650 transactions valued at over $22 billion.

The firm manages, sponsors or co-sponsors a suite of carefully curated, institutional quality investment solutions distributed by Griffin Capital Securities, LLC to retail investors through a community of partners, including independent and insurance broker-dealers, wirehouses, registered investment advisory firms and the financial advisors who work with these enterprises.

Additional information is available at www.griffincapital.com.

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