About Griffin


Griffin Capital is a leading alternative investment asset manager headquartered in El Segundo, California with offices in Irvine, California, Phoenix, Arizona, and Greenwich, Connecticut. Founded in 1995, Griffin Capital has owned, managed, sponsored or co-sponsored investment programs encompassing over $20 billion in assets. Griffin Capital is an investor first, and fund manager second. The company’s senior executives and employees have co-invested over $300 million in its various sponsored investment verticals aligning its interest with its investors.

The firm manages, sponsors or co-sponsors a suite of carefully curated, institutional quality investment solutions distributed by Griffin Capital Securities, LLC to retail investors through a community of partners, including independent and insurance broker-dealers, wirehouses, registered investment advisory firms and the financial advisors who work with these enterprises.

Leveraging the skill set of our executive team:

  • Investment Insight
  • Asset & Fund Management
  • Global Capital Markets
  • Endowment Advisory
Griffin Capital
established in
Owned, managed, sponsored
and/or cosponsored approximately
$20B *Includes the property information related to interests held in certain joint ventures. As of June 30, 2020
Senior management team with
average experience of over
25 years
Griffin executive and employee
investment of over

since 1995 in our suite of alternative
investment products

Offices in Los Angeles, Irvine,
Phoenix, Chicago and Greenwich.

Best-in-class alternative investments to help you reach your goals
Actively Managed
Interval Funds
Real Estate Investment
Trusts (REITs)
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